Monday, May 12, 2014

Zealous Talks By Extrovert

On 4th May 2014, Extrovert the second batch in SEMESRA organized a talk for Zealous which is one of the OSEM's agenda for this year. It has become a tradition for the SPM leavers to give a piece of advice to the SPM candidates OF SEMESRA every year. The main objectives is to burn their spirits in order to broke past years' record . Tips and techniques in studies also being exposed lively to them. Our school's target for this year based on 2013 SPM Results , is 5 students with 9A+ and 60 students to achieve 9A's . Hence , in order to fulfill and strike on the target this event has been held as one of the platforms to give them some motivations and to break their both legs for their own future as we know in our ages the competition is so high .

The talk began at 8.30 in the morning with Amrul Basyar as the first speaker of the day. He started with some psycho attractions to see their respond and ask Zealous with question by question. What a bombastic muqaddimah for them. A short post mortem by him and advices were actually turned them on to realise that education is very important and wehave to know our aim and also have a faith in ourselves. He lectured Zealous about manners and to belief themselves to achieve 9A+ in SPM.

    The talk was actually divided into two sessions. The first session was hosted by Amrul Basyar, Zulhilmi Hazim and Syafiqah Rosmarina. Zealous were devided into five groups in the second slot. Each group has 4 or 5 Extrovert as their facilitators. There were twenty two Extrovert presenters volunteered to participate in this talk. Nine of them stayed in school for a night.

Back to the talk, the second speaker was Zulhilmi Hazim . In his part, he were revealing the Extrovert's Young Tutor Programme which has three phases in a year. There were pros and contras in each phases. Do not repeat the mistakes and practising the goods-the deep reason for this part. Suggestions from him were very useful. He is known among the Extrovert as a very intelligent guy with a real spirit of studying despite of all his other careers and cocurriculum activities . The last speaker for the first slot was Syafiqah Rosmarina . It was more to motivates Zealous on how to start struggling in study from this moment.Her own experiences along with her friends' were shared to Zealous for them to think and arise from now to aim the 9A+.



They were a short break at 10 a.m. at the school's canteen before the talk continues with the second slot. Some useful formulas to memorize facts in killer subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology were the first thing that have been presented on the second part of the talk. Then, all fivers made small circles with their facilitators based on group Alpha, Beta, Teta, Delta and Menggilap Mutiara. Study techniques, problems and experiences were discussed in the circles by facilitators and form five students. Credits to Hanissyahirah, Syamimi Hamdan, Ummi Maisarah, Shafrina, Syahindah Rahman, Falihah, Syazwani Yusof, Nur Shahera, Helna Balqis, Izzudin Ibrahim, Iqbal Haziqy, Azziq Farhan, Hazim, Helmi Hariri, Syafiq Rahmat. Before the talk ended, there was a recitation of doa rabitah leaded by Azziq Farhan as high demads occured. Gratefully , everything went well as what we've planned from the beginning with the help of Madam Mahfuzah , our counselor teacher as our observer on that day to see the responses of Zealous and they seemed were really appreciated on this talk that we did and spent our leisure weekend tie with them . We will hope that Zealous will achieve our school's target for this year and managed to break the records as what one says ; sky's the limits . Thank you to Extrovert and also all the best for Zealous .



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